Mobile Ad Creatives Guide

Steps to better reach your target audience

Looking to build a strong campaign and provide potential customers with the best experience to trigger their interest? Essentially creatives decide whether a person will be interested enough in your app to download it and become a user to continuously use it and make in-app purchases generating revenue and brand loyalty. Here are some simple steps to make sure your ad creatives are top-notch.



Show off the product or experience in the best light in highest quality possible. Choosing the best visual that works for your industry – static banners for financial apps or videos for gaming apps. Use the photos and videos which are directly related to the app and experience you want users to associate with your product or service.

Offers & Promotions:

Add the offers or promotions you might be running. Having a discount or making a special one for the future users from this campaign? Great, add it in the visual. If it will catch the interest of your potential audience, it needs to be included without decreasing your credibility. Provide a unique and memorable experience that will make the users feel if they do not take this opportunity, they will never get it from somewhere else.


Are you only targeting iPhone XS users or iPad mini? It is important to have the size which will fit perfectly in the experience without cutting anything off and fitting on the screen. For high conversion rates and CTR show ads which will take the full screen and show the correct experience.

Straight to the point:

You are already interrupting something the user is doing on their phone with your ad, so the best is to make it worth-while. Keep the ads fast-paced with a higher relevance score.

Use of text:

Visual appeal catches attention much quicker and users want to see your product or service in action. Concentrating on creating an eye-catching visual, make sure the text is simple and easy to read. The font has to be effortlessly readable and big enough. Do not forget to add an actionable text to communicate what exactly you want the potential users to do.


Ads play a crucial role in the digital advertising space and having ad creatives in line with the target audience together with the latest technology and data tools will help reach higher interaction rates and brand perceptions.  


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