World’s largest gaming event

G-STAR is one of the largest game trade shows held in Busan, South Korea, representing the game industry of Asia. More than 600 companies from 36 countries joined this year to impress consumers and their partners. Divided into 2 sections, BTC and BTB, both big and mid-to-small sized companies joined to meet, greet, and connect.

Range of consumers from eSports enthusiasts to family visitors joined BTC to experience current and new games and features from companies such as Nexon, Netmarble, Kakaogames, AfreecaTV, LG Electronics, Google, Twitch, and AUROS. For BTB participants, G-STAR presented a great opportunity to re-connect and meet face-to-face for old, new, and current partners. Around 240K people attended G-STAR 2018 in total, with more B2B attendees compared to G-STAR 2017 (approximately 2,169 people, which is about 8.1% higher than last year).

John Oh and Sooah Lee visited G-STAR to see how it has changed since last year, what is new on the Korean game market and shared some of their highlights from the trade show.



  • Countries and regions encouraged its game industry workers by setting up a sharing booth for all developers and businesses. Participating countries were Hong Kong, Poland, Canada, Taiwan, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, and more.

  • A new business matching system was introduced for the first time on spot, connecting businesses to benefit mutually.

  • Fornite, launching in Korea this year, was one of the biggest sponsors for G-STAR to showcase its brand to a massive number of participants from both BTC and BTB.
  • eSports was bigger than ever with Twitch as their partner, demonstrating 40-person "Battle Ground", "League of Legends" event match, "Fortnite" streamer battle, and "Heart's Stone" all star match.
  • Cryptocurrency market is rapidly growing in Korea with industry leaders understanding how to advertise their products and that their potential customer category is the key to prepare upcoming trends in the market. Also, there is a need to study and understand more of how blockchain system works and how to utilize it. Companies dedicated to Virtual Reality were also strong at G-STAR.
  • 2-day long after-hour party held by a number of participants such as Adjust, Taptica, Singular, TNK Factory, and more was a big success, allowing all industry partners to strengthen its partnership in a more relaxed setting.

  • “Let Game Be Stars” was the main slogan and theme of G-STAR 2018. By using the word "stars" in the phrase, G-STAR wanted people to recognize gaming as an e-sport with a positive connotation, not as an addictive or unhealthy activity. Also, G-STAR's 2018 slogan has a meaning of becoming one through the game.

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