gamescom 2018 Highlights

World’s largest gaming event

World’s largest gaming event and the biggest gaming news expo of 2018 in Europe… We are talking about gamescom! This year 370 000 visitors and 1037 exhibitors from 56 countries attended the show to showcase and view the upcoming games and game-related hardware. gamescom is not only a gaming fair but an event full of activities like contests, Illustrators’ Garden, Red Bull Gaming Club and even a radio station beach chill out in the outdoor area.

As TAB works as a gateway between brands and mobile consumers we attended gamescom to see the latest trends and enhance our network.



  • Seeing the new games that are being released for the year ahead and looking at market trends in terms of developers and new offerings is one of the key features of gamescom. Apart from Nvidia announding the GeForce RTX 2080 Series and entering The Ecko Unltd COS Cup 21st round, gamescom featured small studios with the largest joint game developer booth presenting their games on more than 1000 square meters.

  • The developments each year in this particular sector really inspires us to assist our clients in achieving these kinds of viral goals. Some of the mobile VR games are reaching such a level of realism that it is only a matter of time before we see the next viral game like Pokemon Go.

"It's true that AI can transform the world - but only if we democratize it. We have to make sure that everyone with good ideas can access it - not just companies with millions of dollars to invest."

Alex Steinman (VP of Bing Advertising Sales EMEA)

gamescom 2018 highlights

  • Xbox showed a preview of a mobile app for Xbox Game Pass. Now the users will be able to manage their games and subscriptions and install games straight to their Xbox One from the mobile app.
  • One of the very exciting live stages included FIFA 2019 showing of new game modes including a full match of FIFA 2019's Survival mode and Champions League Mode.

gamescom is an amazing opportunity to get into the mobile app space additionally to the networking scene.

Until next time, gamescom!

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